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Our Mother’s Day Retreat 2022 weekend is the first of our retreat packages for the 2022 season. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate mothers but also to provide our guests with a unique experience from the River. Our local artists love the River and all that it adds to the value of life, personal growth and revitalization. At the Thousand Island Hart House, we believe the River is magical in what it offers each of us, filling our cups in ways we don’t often expect. Painting mandalas and creating silver bead bracelets offers an opportunity of introspection and relaxation through a thoughtful group but fundamentally personal activity. Join us as we venture together into a past where the River was a place people came to separate themselves from ordinary life and enjoy each other. 

Itinerary for Mother's Day Retreat 2022


Arrival  You’ll arrive at the Hart House to find wonderful rooms, flowers, music and evening Hors D’oeuvres and beverages. We’ll give you a short tour and history of the Hart House and let you settle by the fire for a relaxing evening. 


Morning – Continental breakfast from 8am – 9am followed by a relaxing and meditative workshop of mandala painting and sand work. 

Lunch – A light lunch will be served.

Midday  – Workshop #2 silver bead bracelet making with artist Tina Siebel. Tina (description)

Dinner – Explore the nearby restaurants in Alexandria Bay and Clayton for a relaxing dinner on your own. 


Morning – A wonderful Mother’s Day Brunch will be served between 9am and 11:30. The menu is being created and will be shared soon!

The Mandala Painting in You. 

An Exploration of Your Creative Self.

Mandalas are as old as humankind. The most basic mandala is the circle, which is a symbol with no beginning and no end, like the symbol of the Sun, which is the giver of light and warmth.

In this mini- workshop, you will design your own mandala that becomes a journey to promote a change in your life, or your path. PERHAPS YOU will experience more gratitude in your present life, being surrounded by the beauty of the Thousand Islands and the colors of Spring.

We will explore themes used in mandala painting from various cultures to cultivate your own creative energies.

Using organic and geometric shapes, stencils, or drawing your own symbols, your personal mandala will act as a keepsake from your stay on the St. Lawrence River. No previous art ability is necessary. All art supplies, and stencils are included.

mandala 2
classic mandala
Tina Seibel silver bracelet

Simple Elegance Sterling Silver Bracelet.

My SERENDIPITY CREATIONS are just that!  They are ideas that start in head go thru my heart and hands and end with my eyes.  Each day brings new ideas, new opportunities and the desire to pursue them. 

Learn how to determine length of piece for personal fit and string beads accordingly.  Students will learn about jewelry wire qualities and how to finish pieces so they will have a nice finished look and last longer.  All components are solid sterling silver.  You’ll have your choice of Swarovski colored birthstone bead charm or pearl. All skill levels are welcome, including beginners.

What if my partner doesn’t want to participate?

The Mother’s Day Retreat 2022 pricing anticipates that not everyone would want to take part in the workshops. The retreat package includes the room, reception Friday, breakfast and lunch for two on Saturday, Brunch for two on Sunday and one persons participation in the workshops. Participation by partners is an additional $80. 

Retreat Options

If your partner is looking for other things to do on Mother’s Day weekend might we suggest:

Golf – Thousand Island Country Club gives Thousand Island Hart House guests a discount for the front course. 

Antique Boat Museum This is one of the most popular activities at the River. Let us know and we’ll request a discount for you. 

Area shopping and restaurants – Saturday dinner is at your own leisure. There are several places we can suggest. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make suggestions. 


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